Your First Appointment

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On your first visit we take a case history, this will involve listening to your story about your symptoms, when and how they started and how they affect you. We will also ask questions about your previous medical history, occupation, lifestyle and diet. Please bring with you details of any prescribed medication and any reports from investigations such as x-ray and MRI imaging.

After the case history we will carry out an examination and assessment of the way your body moves. This may include clinical testing of reflexes, sensation and muscle strength. We will look at your posture and then assess active movement, where the range and quality of movement you can make yourself is observed, then passive movement, where you relax and the we gently assess the range of joint movements without your muscular effort.

After the assessment a diagnosis and treatment plan based on the case history and examination will be discussed with you.

If for some reason osteopathic treatment is not considered to be suitable for you we may refer you to your doctor or suggest alternative forms of treatment.

Patients are normally asked to undress down to their underwear for the examination, as this makes a detailed osteopathic assessment of your whole musculoskeletal system much easier, however there is no obligation to do so and you may prefer to wear sportswear such as shorts and sports bra, or loose fitting clothing that facilitates free movement and assessment of the body.

We understand some people might be anxious on their first visit so if you would like someone to accompany you thatís fine.

Under 18? We require a parent or legal guardian to give permission to treat you and may require an adult to be present during the consultation.